LakeVille Schools - Form for Reporting Bullying
Bullying is not tolerated at LakeVille Community Schools. If you or someone you know of is being bullied, please report it so school officials can handle the matter. Please leave as much information below as you can so we can assist you.

Please keep in mind:
-The more information you can provide, the more likely we will be able to help.
-This form is primarily intended for reporting bullying that happens at school, at bus stops or on the buses. It is important to report bullying that takes place outside of school hours or online as well, but remember that what we can do as school officials is greatly limited in those situations.

Thank you.

Which school do you attend?
Who is being bullied?
Has this been reported to an adult at school? If so, who (counselor, principal, teacher)?
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Please describe the incident(s).
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Where is the bullying taking place (school, online, cafeteria, playground, bus, etc.)?
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Were other students witnesses to the incident(s)?
Your name:
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If we have questions would it be OK to contact you or your parent about this matter?
If it is OK to contact you, please include your phone number or email address.
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