2019 Key to the Future Award Nomination Form
Community starts with us! The Key to the Future Award is presented annually by The Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington to recognize Covington youth residents who is an outstanding leader and devoted to our community. Please take this opportunity to nominate a youth and help us give our community’s greatest resource some deserved recognition. The awards will be presented at The Center's Annual Meeting on September 21, 2019.

Past winners of the Key to the Future have exhibited some or all of the following characteristics:

- Level of Volunteerism: nominee has made a consistent commitment to our community through community service
- School performance: nominee is a “good” student and school citizen
- Number of activities involved: nominee is involved in school and community activities
- Potential life circumstances: nominee has demonstrated resiliency
- Leadership: nominee has demonstrated the ability and initiative to bring people together to facilitate positive change

Past winners of the Key to the Future can be seen here: http://www.greatneighborhoods.org/annual-celebration/

If you have any questions please email Jameela Salaah.
Email: jameela@greatneighborhoods.org

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, August 28, 2019
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