MicroBooNE Production Sample Request
This form can be used by any member of MicroBooNE to request a new production sample, either Data or MC. Note that the creation of a request does NOT guarantee that a sample will be generated. Please make sure to follow up with the Physics Conveners and Production Coordinators to make sure that approval and priority has been established for your requested sample.
Email address *
Name of Requestor *
Name of Sample *
What type of sample is this? *
What MCC Campaign sample is targeted for? (e.g. MCC8.15, MCC9.0, MCC9.1) *
Uboonecode version (e.g. v06_84_00) This version should contain the fhicl files *
Fhicl file(s). For MC samples, the generator fhicl file must be specified and must be part of a tagged production release. *
Number of events (either requested for MC or in the input dataset) *
If requesting processing of a dataset, the input dataset name
If filtering an input dataset, what is the anticipated passing rate of events (XX%)?
For MC samples, stages to be written to tape. *
Requested deadline for completion
Please describe the dataset or docdb number where the requested sample is described. *
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