C&S Scholarship Fund Scholarship Application Questionnaire
Please answer these questions as accurately as possible in order to ensure the best possible processing of your scholarship application.

This application has five sections:

1. Contact information - your name, email, and phone number
2. Event selection - the name of the event you want to attend and if you are speaking
3. Event details - details about the event to aid in research - you'll complete this only if prompted
4. Funding request - details about how much aid you are requesting, including a budget
5. Personal narrative - a short statement about your background and intentions for the event.

You should complete this application having already researched and documented costs like airfare, bus fare, hotel, ground transportation, registration, etc.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the event.

Questions about this application should be directed to scholarship@codeandsupply.co.

What is your name?
We need to know this so we know how to address you.
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What is your email address?
We need to know your email address so we can contact you. Our normal communication with you will be by email.
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What phone number can you be reached at?
We need to know your phone number so that we can call you if we urgently need to contact you. Include the area code and, if not in North America, the country code.
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