LLF Event Submission Form

If you're reading this, you're interested in running an event as part of Leeds Lit Fest 2020.

The Festival will run from Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 of March, and we want to programme as many events throughout those 5 days as we can.

The kind of events we want to stage in include:

Events for children
Panel discussions
Live performance
Talks / lectures
‘In conversation with…’ style sessions

But of course, we’re not limited to this list - if you have an idea for something unusual, we want to hear it.
Leeds Lit Fest began last year, and while we’re a new festival, we have big ambitions. Our mission is to champion literature, writing and spoken word in Leeds and support writers in developing a festival that’s distinctive, exciting, and challenging. We also want to introduce new audiences to written and spoken word events, and bring new writers to the city. So if you've got an idea - we want to hear from you!

This form is designed to give us all the information we need; but we hope it also helps to clarify in your own mind everything you need to make your idea work practically.

Please be aware that we’re going to receive pitches for many, many more events than we can include in the programme. So if we have to say No, that doesn't mean it isn't a great idea and that you shouldn't make it happen anyway!

LLF is a new festival run by a partnership of arts organisations in the city and a team of volunteers. While we'll work our socks off to make your event a success, we have limited time and resources. Please consider everything that's essential to make your proposal happen, and what you can provide yourself versus what you need from us. Please also consider if any aspect can be simplified without impacting on your audience’s experience.
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Which organisations/societies/groups/individual performers are involved in the event? *
Do you already have permission to use a venue? If so, what is the venue and is the space you’re going to use fully accessible? *
If you don’t already have a venue, would the event need to take place anywhere specific? For example in a particular locality or venue. *
Do you need the event to take place on a specific day, and/or at a specific time? (The Festival runs from Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 March) *
Do you need Leeds Lit Fest to help provide anything for the event itself? This might include things like sound systems, a laptop, photocopying etc. *
How many people do you expect will attend the event? (Be realistic!) *
Apart from via Leeds Lit Fest, how will you advertise the event? Please provide details of your social media sites and any other social media sites you’ll use to promote your event and the festival. *
Do you expect that your audience will include people who don't often engage with literature/spoken word? *
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