GMTV Announcement Request
Fill in the information below. If you have video requests or pictures, please send them to Michael Gallagher at

The deadline for same-day announcements is 6:30 AM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The Broadcasting crew tries to accomodate ALL announcement requests, but occasionally one (or two?) get shortened or omitted in order to keep the entire production under five minutes. Shortened or omitted announcements then get "front-burner" billing for the next day of announcements.

Remember to get your announcements in early! Keep them brief but informative.
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Date(s) to be run (please do not request more than 4 days) *
WHAT do you want to say (Please note that there is a 300 character count on announcements to keep them short. Remember. Less is More!) *
Remember to include important info like date, time and location! Include as many of the 5 W's (and an H) as possible! Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
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