Stop NTE Fracked Gas in Killingly Petitions
Stephen Edwards,
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance,
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection,
79 Elm Street,
Hartford, CT 06106‐5127

Mr. Edwards,
We the undersigned, hereby request a public hearing on application No. 201615592 sent by NTE Connecticut LLC to discharge water into the public water system of Killingly, CT. The Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection has a responsibility to act in the public interest and it is imperative that it listen to the public when approving permits like this one.
Further we demand that this public hearing be postponed until such as time that the public can truly participate in person. While the CT governor is directing people to stay home to avoid spreading Covid 19 , it is irresponsible to hold a public hearing, risking community spread. Remote participation and allowing comments to be submitted are adequate solutions for people who cannot travel but they are no substitute for REAL public participation.

The approval of this permit is certainly NOT an emergency or essential business that needs to happen during a pandemic. CT should not be approving any infrastructure that will use fracked gas while we are dealing with a disease that has shown to be worse in polluted place and some studies show could be moved or transmitted via air pollution molecules. Furthermore new electricity capacity from wind and other renewable sources has made this plant unnecessary on top of the fact that the state of CT is a net electricity exporter.

Please commit to holding a public hearing on Application #201615592 and wait to schedule that hearing at a time when the governor determines that public gathering will not endanger people.
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