Customer Profiling Exercise
The following questions will help you get a deeper psychological insight into your customers, so you can create more powerful marketing which connects emotionally and mentally with your customers’ needs and desires.

To maximise the results from this exercise choose one customer for one product. You can repeat the exercise for different customers and products, but it’s important to start with a single customer and product.

If you’re not sure which customer you should choose, and you’ve already started your business you can ask yourself who has been a good customer? Which customer was easy to please, easy to work with, paid on time, didn’t cause problems, and who recommended you to people in their networks? This is the kind of customer you want to attract more of!

If you haven’t already started your business think of the person who is most likely to love your product, and is most likely to have the attributes described above.
Do your best to have a single person in mind, if you don’t know that person well, use your imagination. You can have these questions in mind the next time you’re talking with them.

These questions help you form a “Customer Profile”, a representation of the type of person your customer is. You might have a few different customer profiles, depending on your range of products and the variation of products or services which your business sells. You can also have more than one customer profile for a single product.

A customer profile isn't about you, or your business it's about them. It's about who they are, what they want and how they'd like to achieve that. It's about understanding the mindset of your perfect customer. To help you create marketing which helps create an “Ah-haa” experience for the customer. The “Ah-Haa!” experience is when a potential customer first discovers your business, they think “Ah-haa! THIS is what I was looking for, this business really understands what I need”.

These questions give you a foundation to understand them better; as you go through the questions you might discover lots of other things that the questions don’t directly ask you. You can write these down too.

The more you know about your customer, the more able you will be to write powerful marketing which connects with them emotionally and psychologically. This is especially valuable when creating social media marketing content, which can include many different topics not directly involved with your product/service or business.

Once you have the customer profile, read it and create a picture in your mind of the person you are writing it for (ideal customer) do this before you create any new marketing.

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