MUSC Office Use Request for Fall 2020 Instruction
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Activity: Please describe the types of instruction-related activities you would like to perform on campus *
Justification: Please explain why your work cannot be done remotely and should be prioritized for the limited number of spots available in the building. *
Physical Distancing: One person per enclosed space is ideal, but no more than one person per 250 sq.ft should be followed. Will your work space permit this recommended distance? *
Scheduling: Because the number of people in the building will be limited, scheduling will be essential, and shifts may be necessary. Please describe your estimated schedule of use (i.e., days, times, frequency). *
Support Facilities: Is your proposed on-campus activity dependent on shared facilities such as the department’s main office, library and/or lab space? If so, please list the spaces and provide specific accesses required. *
Ramp-down Plan: If campus is required to ramp down, what is your back-up plan if you are no longer able to use campus space in support of instruction? *
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