RISE Parent Recommendation Form
The Grafton School District recognizes the importance of our partnership with parents to gather information about students. We value feedback that you can provide regarding the talents of your child. As part of the process in meeting the needs of all of our learners, this information will be shared with current classroom teachers within two weeks of submission. Teacher teams will use the parent recommendation along with current student achievement data and classroom performance to continue making instructional decisions to support your child. This information is intended to offer insight that will better help teachers understand your child's talents through a parent lens. This may or may not result in programming changes, but will result in a parent-teacher discussion and continued opportunities for differentiation in the classroom. In some cases, the team may consider if additional student data is needed for discussions about Intensive RISE Programming.

A parent should complete this form if you believe your child is performing well above grade level or demonstrating exceptional strengths or talents and would like your child’s performance and achievement to be reviewed to identify a potential student need for programming for advanced learning options. Once the form is submitted, the process of sharing the information with teacher teams begins, and the parent will receive communication from the classroom teacher within 3 weeks.
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Please review the list below and indicate those characteristics that usually or most often apply to your child. *
Please identify if there is an academic area that you believe your child exhibits special talents. Indicators would include very high and consistent performance on standardized tests (examples include MAP, Forward, ACT) as well as passion for the subject.
If you identified an academic area, please share specific information that supports your ideas about the gifts that your child shows in that academic area. This typically includes examples of ways your child demonstrates a passion for the subject beyond the typical school day or assignments.
If you would like to give examples, share your observations or explain factors you feel are important in helping us understand your child's strengths, please write your comments here.
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