VFC Intern
Are you a student looking for a volunteer internship for this semester break? Or are you a young, proactive undergrad who has skills in IT, design, management etc, looking to develop more in a short term internship? Then we have opportunities for you!

VFC is a non-profit, registered Voluntary Organization(VO) providing a platform for volunteers with varied interests to come together and contribute to causes of their choice. Causes under VFC aid a wide range of need areas including animal care, children, elders care, disability, governance, road safety and environment.

The internship is an opportunity for young people to step in and make a difference in their own lives, while making a positive development impact in the communities they work with. Interns are self-motivated, self-led, self-organised with a passion to learn in the field of work they chose to undertake in alignment to our vision, mission and goals. Individuals with positive attitude to learn and gain cross cultural perspectives, along with creative, systems and design thinking will fit in good.

Individuals with rigidity of ideas, over-critical judgmental, not open to creative or lateral thinking will not be a right fit our organisation.

Please feel free to reach out to us on 8892839840 or reachvfc@gmail.com
Please specify the duration for which you would like to intern (minimum: 2 weeks)
Why would you like to intern at VFC India?
Is there a specific VFC project that you would like to work with? Which one and why?
Any other comments or queries?
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