MURSD Hybrid Model- Family Survey
Explanation: Under consideration for a hybrid model of reopening are two possible schedules, which are depicted below. In both, there are two cohorts of students, Cohort A and Cohort B, and each is roughly half of the school's population. In Option 1, students would attend two contiguous days (M-T or Th-F) and there would be two days of remote, asynchronous learning. Wednesday would be a day of remote synchronous learning for all students (in the morning) with teacher planning/PD in the afternoon. Option 2 is very similar; however the days for cohorts are M-Th and T-F. The advantage of this model is that students would have less time in between in-person instruction. Option 1 has an advantage of keeping a cohort together for two contiguous days (prior to a deep cleaning day on Wednesday), but realize that it is part of the plan to sanitize each classroom/common area through electrostatic disinfectant spraying on a nightly basis.
In my opinion, the preferred hybrid model is: *
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