Pre-NaNo Interest Survey
Hello! We - the NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons - are gearing up for another great National Novel Writing Month! Before we really get the ball rolling, we wanted to check in with our wonderful, amazing, super-special-awesome participants and see what types of activities might strike your fancy!

If you are so inclined, please fill out the following brief survey to let us know what types of workshops you'd like for our Pre-NaNo activities for the month of October.

Would you be interested in Pre-NaNo workshops, like the ones we had last year? (To potentially be held weekly in the month of October)
What kinds of workshops would you like to attend? (Select any and all that apply)
If you have other ideas for workshops or other Pre-NaNo events, please name them here! Your input is vital and much appreciated!
Your answer
If you have any general input, let us know here!
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