What is a good multiple-choice question?
How much do you ALREADY know about writing good multiple-choice questions? These 14 questions will help you find out! You'll notice that some questions are about learning objectives because well-written learning objectives are essential for well-written multiple-choice questions.

Select the correct or best answer for each question and then click the SUBMIT button. You'll then receive feedback on which answers are correct and incorrect. Consider printing the feedback page so you will have a record of the answers.
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1. What should be included in the stem of each multiple-choice question? (select the best answer) *
2. Above all else, distractors must be written so they are: (select the best answer) *
3. A valid assessment is one that: (select the correct answer) *
4. Is "all of the above" a good answer choice for multiple-choice questions? (select the best  answer) *
5. Is “Describe how to” a good behavior/action to use in a workplace learning objective? (select the best answer) *
6. What is the optimal number of answer choices for a multiple-choice question, according to research? (select the best answer) *
7. Research shows that multiple-choice questions that ask participants to select ALL the correct answers: (select the two best answers) *
8. A reliable assessment is one that: (select the correct answer) *
9. Which of these writing tactics makes multiple-choice questions too easy to guess? (select the best answer) *
10. When should learning assessments optimally be chosen and designed? (select the correct answer) *
11. Well-written learning objectives are needed to write good multiple-choice questions because: (select best correct answer) *
12. Is multiple true-false an acceptable multiple-choice question format? (select the best answer) *
13. Which of these is a good way to write plausible distractors?  (select the best answer) *
14. Distractors need to be plausible to:  (select the best answer) *
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