The Challenge of Paul Gift Program
Thanks to a generous donation, FaithandReason® will be able to provide copies of "The Challenge of Paul", Themes 1 & 2 at no cost to churches who agree to use the resource in their classes.

"The Challenge of Paul" is a production of FaithandReason® and features the work of John Dominic Crossan, an Irish-American New Testament scholar and historian of early Christianity. Dr. Crossan previously collaborated with FaithandReason® to create "The Challenge of Jesus", currently available on

We're asking interested churches and organizations to fill out this form, commit to use the product, and share their feedback with us. Each theme is created with church group resource leaders in mind, and includes downloadable Participant Guides. As a part of the Gift Program, we are also including a fully-designed PDF transcript.

Theme 1: Paul & Jesus
Prologue In Search of the Historical Paul
Session 1 An Appealing Apostle
Session 2 How to Read a Pauline Letter
Session 3 The Romanization of a Radical
Session 4 Jewish Covenant vs Roman Empire

Theme 2: Paul & Luke
Session 1 The Future of Roman Christianity
Session 2 Vision & Vocation in Damascus
Session 3 The Long-Distance Apostle
Session 4 The God-Worshipers

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