While the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) has the capacity to release people into the community to prevent over-concentrations of seniors in tight facilities, there are barriers to doing so, one of which is the availability of safe housing for at least a 3-month period. As advocates during this crisis, we want to be sure we are covering all of our bases in our recommendations to state government. Every person who is released is one less person taxing an already over-burdened prison health care system.

This survey is NOT binding, it is simply a starting point. We ask some basic questions that you would be asked if you were to receive someone coming out of prison in Illinois. We will not share your personal information unless you give us permission.

We anticipate (based on public statements) that people being released would already be within a reasonable period of time from their original release date and would not be on any registries that impact housing choices.

If you indicate interest, we will send you additional information.
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Please indicate whether these statements are true for you. They may be useful in determining your eligibility to house someone returning from IDOC.
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I have space in my home for an additional person.
I am currently caring for an elderly person, small children, or someone with a serious medical condition.
I feel good about my ability to access food and other resources in my community.
I have a gun in my home.
I have dogs in my home.
I would be comfortable housing someone for up to 6 months.
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Questions or comments? We may not answer individually, but we will compile questions and follow up as soon as possible.
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