Cowan Community School Corporation
Application for Transfer of Non-Resident Student
2020-2021 School Year
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Application Location
The next question will determine who will receive this transfer application.

**Grade levels in each building**
High School grades: 7 -12th
Elementary grades: K - 6th

If you select option 1 your application will go to the High School office.

If you select option 2 your application will go to the Elementary office.

Option 1:
High School Principal: Patrick Bloom -
High School Secretary: Amy Hudson -

Option 2:
Elementary Principal: Lendon Schwartz -
Elementary Secretary: Dinah Breedlove -

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Priority Placements (Prior to a Lottery if qualifications are met and space is available.)
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(*Must have an annual salary from the school corporation of at least $8,000)
The application will be considered complete upon successful provision of EACH of the following items:
1. Application AND Student Transfer Agreement (see back or attached) forms fully completed
2. Copy of the applicant’s (student’s) birth certificate – (Not required for returning students.)
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Procedures for student transfers, important dates, and details of potential drawings are available on the school corporation website. Please visit and select TRANSFER STUDENTS under FOR STUDENTS or FOR PARENTS on the main corporation page.
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