Departmental Seminar Nomination Form
It is time to start inviting speakers for the 2019-2020 seminar season. This year we will not be able to pay honorarium but we do have water bottles with our logo to give to speakers. We are always trying to keep costs down so please consider this in your invites, then the committee will evaluate the requests and move from there. You can look at the seminar schedule online. We will update it as we approve requests:
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Will you or someone else be hosting them? (If not, list hotel cost) *
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Expected travel expenses: *
Please keep it around $300 and get a good price estimate.
When would you like to invite them?
You may select multiple times if it does not matter.
Potential dates of visit for Fall 2019
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Potential dates of visit for Spring 2020
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Please detail other issues to consider (alternative schedules, options for covering expenses, etc.)
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