WoC In Sports Mentorship Program
Hey everyone! I'm stealing an idea from Asmae, who's putting together a mentorship program for Hockey Graphs. I wanted to create one specifically for WoC in sports (this includes trans & non-binary). It can range from journalists to players and people who work for teams, and any other work-in-sports categories I'm missing.

While there are sports-specific societies and women-in-sports specific societies, societies specifically for WoC in sports are lacking. The challenges WoC in sports face are unique, and it can be helpful to have a sounding board or a navigating force to help, especially in these days. This idea also stems from some of my tweets a month ago, where I noted the isolation that WoC can feel. After that, a few WoC in sports reached out to me and getting their support and being able to talk to them has been amazing. My goal is to expand that sense of support and community.

The plan is to have interested mentors and mentees and, based on the submissions, I'll try my best to match everyone up.

If you're interested in signing up to be a mentor or a mentee, please fill in the form below:

**If there's anything wrong with the form or any wording that should be changed, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP! You can reach me here:
@icehockeystick & jashvinapshah@gmail.com

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