New Lynn Coalition Visioning Survey
The Lynn Coalition is currently gathering opinions on development in Lynn. We want to hear what YOU want to see in Lynn. These answers will be compiled and used to help influence development in the city. All answers are anonymous. If you are interested in learning more about NLC, our visioning project, or any other campaigns, feel free to email us at or by visiting our website,
What issues Lynn is facing are important to you? Ex: lack of job opportunities, high rent, etc.
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Can you give an example(s) of economic development in Lynn? (Economic development is defined as activities that create money within the community, such as building new buildings or jobs)
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Do you feel that current development projects in Lynn help or hurt the city? How?
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What are some development projects that you would want to see in Lynn?
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What other changes would you like to see in Lynn?
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Any other thoughts or comments?
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This section is just for us to get a better idea of who is taking our survey. No responses are required and all are anonymous.
What ward do you live in?
If you are not a Lynn resident, where do you live?
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What is your age in years?
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What is your gender?
What is your race? (check all that apply)
What is your average annual income?
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