Big Bay de Noc School Improvement Survey
Big Bay de Noc School continues to strive for improvement and values input from all stakeholders. Using previous survey results, two areas of focus have been identified for improvement. Please complete the following short survey to help Big Bay de Noc School continue to meet your needs.
Communication: During the current school year, Big Bay de Noc School utilized the following methods of communication: Friday folder announcements, quarterly newsletters, classroom newsletters, Facebook page, school website, mailed progress reports, and the school sign. In addition to the above listed methods of communication, in what ways are you comfortable communicating with Big Bay de Noc Staff?
Communication: Taking into consideration the options you selected above in question #1, how often do you feel parents should be contacted using those methods?
Communication: As a parent/community member, in which ways are you comfortable initiating (start) communication with school staff?
Communication: During the current school year, how frequently have you initiated communication with school staff using any of the above methods?
Parent and Community Involvement
Parent and Community Involvement: Currently, parents and community members volunteer as classroom readers, after-school tutors, classroom speakers, career awareness presenters, gym supervisors, guest readers, arts and crafts facilitators, special event helpers, and extra curricular event staff, etc. Are you interested in volunteering at Big Bay de Noc School?
If you are interested in volunteering, which roles are you comfortable filling?
Parent and Community Involvement: Do you feel comfortable helping your child with academic work at home?
What resources would be most helpful with helping your child at home?
New Idea Involving Parent and Community Involvement and Communication
Communication and Parent and Community Involvement: Big Bay de Noc School is interested in developing an ongoing open forum for parents and community members to meet with school staff and address questions and concerns regarding the school. Would you be interested in participating?
If yes, how often would you like to see the forum meet?
What time of the day are you most available for the forum?
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