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The National Freedom of Information Coalition's State Open Government Hall of Fame recognizes long-term contributions of individuals to open government in their respective states. Specifically, induction into the Hall recognizes the “long and steady effort to preserve and protect the free flow of information about state and local government that is vital to the public in a democracy.”

Inductees will be honored at the 2019 NFOIC Summit, which will be held April 12-13 in Dallas, Texas.

Nominations are open to anyone who has made a substantial, sustained and lasting contribution to open government or freedom of information within one particular state. Even if the nominee has been active in national efforts or national organizations, the judges will only consider accomplishments at the state level.

Nominees may come from government, the media, the non-profit sector, the legal profession, or any other area of endeavor that involves citizen access to government records, meetings and procedures. Nominees may be living or deceased; active or retired.

Because you cannot save your progress on this form, we recommend that you develop your answers to these questions in another program, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then upload or copy/paste your responses into the fields below.

Deadline: Feb. 22, 2019

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In the letter, describe the candidate's dedication to open government and transparency. Include nominee's involvement in local, state, regional or national open government efforts and organizations and work done to improve open government in their state.

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