Survey on Mentoring
This anonymous survey is intended to collect information on expectations of mentoring, how a mentor is obtained and to share that information with the community.

I can be contacted via email if you have any specific questions:
Do you currently have or ever had a mentor?
Have you ever been a mentor to someone?
Would you like a mentor?
What does "a mentor" mean to you?
Your answer
Why would you like a mentor?
Your answer
Have you reached out to someone to be a mentor?
Has anyone contacted you to be a mentor?
Have you offered to be a mentor to anyone?
If you have reached out to someone, were you successful in obtaining a mentor?
In what ways did you try to find someone to mentor you?
Your answer
Do you know someone who was successful in finding a mentor? Can you share some background on that?
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Share any information about mentoring: challenges, successes, thoughts, etc.
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Share any information and personal experience about being a mentor.
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What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a mentor?
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What support or guidance would you want a mentor to provide?
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List some names of people you would like to be your mentor.
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Would you be willing to pay a fee for mentoring?
If thinking of mentorship as "transactional", what could a mentee offer to a mentor in business, where mentors are often busy, over-scheduled and in high demand?
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