Centre Stage Performance Co. Rules & Registration Form
Hi! Thanks for checking us out. Below you will find all the information you will need on our classes and class registration forms.

SECTION 1: Rules/ Regulations

Please carefully read through the rules and regulations of Centre Stage Performance Co and note upon completing your registration form (Section 2) you are agreeing to the below terms:

General Matters

1.0 Students are to behave in a respectful manner to teachers, facility staff and fellow pupils.
1.1 Students are not permitted to use bad language.
1.2 Students are not to run or play around/ climb in the studio/hall.
1.3 Students are expected to respect the rights and property of others, and to be obedient and courteous to their teacher at all times.

Bullying/ Harassment

2.0 Under NO circumstances will any form of harassment or bullying to any member of the class be tolerated. This is taken very seriously and can result in immediate dismissal.

Drop Off/ Pick Up and Attendance

3.0 Please be punctual. Please arrive five minutes before class. Being late disturbs the children who have already started the class.
3.1 Please also make sure your child is picked up on time. It's very difficult to get the next class started if children are still waiting to be collected 5 minutes after their class has finished.
3.2 Students must wait INSIDE the hall reception/ entrance to be collected when the lesson has finished. All parents/guardians must come to the door and make known to the teacher that your child/children have been collected. Please inform your child of this rule! If for any reason you are unable to collect your child in the hall please inform a centre stage tutor who will make alternative arrangements.
3.3 Parents/guardians, please be prompt dropping off and picking up your child.
3.4 If your child is being picked up by someone else please inform the teacher.
3.5 Please inform the teacher if your child is unable to make class for any reason.


4.0 If a pupil comes to class with an injury, they will not be allowed join in any physical games or performances, only watch. It is advisable that they stay at home and rest until they are fully recovered.

Mobile Phones

5.0 All mobile phones must be switched off or on silent when in class.
5.1 Mobile phones must not be used in class.
5.2 Pupils are not permitted under any circumstances to take pictures and/or videos of themselves/ other students / teachers during class on any camera phone/ equipment.
5.3 Centre Stage will not be held accountable for any lost/damaged/ broken mobile phones. We advise you leave them at home.


6.0 Photography/filming/videography is strictly prohibited unless taken by one of Centre Stage Performance Co’s employees for publicity purposes.

Food/ Drink

7.0 Any food/ snacks that are bought from home will only be consumed during breaks between classes/rehearsals. Students must not bring any food stuffs with nuts and/or traces of nuts.
7.1 All rubbish must be placed in the dustbin and not left on the floor.
7.2 NO CHEWING GUM is to be brought into any class.
7.3 Please make sure your child brings a bottle of water to every class.

Viewing Classes

8.0 We do not permit parents/ guardians/ friends/ family in to watch Performing Arts classes at any time. From previous experience this has proved to be very distracting for your child, the participating children and the teacher.


9.0 If your child is to be collected by someone else other than yourself please inform the teacher.
(See 3.4)
9.1 No Jewellery/ money/ valuables to be brought to class – any damage or loss is not the company’s responsibility.


10.0 Fees must be paid in full (£4.00) at the beginning of each class before class starts. Please try your best to bring the correct change to save time.
10.1 Payment can be made in advance per term at a discounted rate of £21.00 (6Wks) if prior agreement with Maeve/ a class tutor has been made.
10.2 There is a one off insurance fee of £5- which must be paid when your child joins the company. This will cover one child's insurance fees for the year of 2018 in case of an accident occurring at class and this must be renewed each year with the company.


11.0 Any accident your child may have during class will be dealt with accordingly and an accident form completed. You will be made aware of any accidents and we will ask you to sign the accident form.


12.0 All children must wear the correct uniform or appropriate clothes. School uniforms or jeans are not ideal. Correct comfortable clothing is to be worn, (leggings/baggy trousers/vest top/t-shirt) – company clothing is available to purchase throughout the year.
12.1 Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may children wear "heelys" or similar style shoes to class. These are not suitable or safe for moving around/ dancing. Any children wearing said shoes will be asked to remove them for the duration of the class. Centre Stage Performance Co. will not accept any responsibility for injuries caused as a result of wearing these shoes.

Bad Weather /Snow

13.0 Unless classes are cancelled due to unsafe travel conditions then classes will continue as normal.
13.1 In the event of a class being cancelled emergency contacts provided will be contacted as soon as possible. Any fees paid in advance will be carried on/ refunded.


14.0 Before attending any of our classes you must have completed an online registration form (see below) with all the relevant information (one per child). Please note it is your responsibility to update any changes to registration information ( for example new telephone numbers etc ) with a Centre Stage Tutor. Please be aware all parents/ guardians will be added into a Whatsapp group (where applicable) for regular updates on class.


15.0 Enough of the boring stuff! Centre Stage Performance Co classes are all about having FUN and making new friends. It is important that in every class children are not afraid to have some fun and be silly.

Contact Us

Any child/parent who has any queries or concerns regarding the above matters please speak to the teacher.
If you would like to discuss your/your child’s progress or have any general enquiries, please contact Maeve at the beginning or end of class or telephone (07523761315) during office hours (10am-3pm) Monday-Friday.
Please contact Maeve if you decide to withdraw your child from the class in order to give other children on the waiting list the opportunity to join.

Contact Details: Email: centrestageperformanceco@gmail.com | Telephone: 07523761315 | Facebook: Centre Stage Performance Co.

Please Note: Classes run in 6 week blocks. At the end of the 6 weeks the class will be reviewed and parents/ students will be informed if/when the next 6 week block is due to begin. (Children are welcome to join a term at any time- and do not have to wait to a new 6 week block begins.)

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Section 2: Registration Form
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