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If you have worked with individuals with special needs, what have you found to be the most rewarding? What have you found to be the most challenging?
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Media Clearance and Waiver Statement
I will treat all SPiES that I help with God's Love. *
I give St. Andrew's my permission to take and use my photograph for purposes of publicity and identification. *
As a volunteer in the Special Needs Ministry of St. Andrew's, I am aware there are risks of personal injury and/or illness connected to the assignment. I therefore fully accept this assignment with that awareness. *
I understand that it is never appropriate to use physical force or aggression to restrain a participant in the SPiES program, unless directed to do so or in case of emergency and threat of immediate bodily harm. *
I hereby release St. Andrew's Church & School, Staff, and Volunteers of any claims or course of legal action in the event of an accident or injury, due to participation in the Special Needs Ministry. *
By entering my full name below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree with the terms of this release. *
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