Pre-Discovery Call Questions
Hey there!! Thanks for taking the time to answer this brief questionnaire to allow me to get to know you better. These questions allow me to better understand your desired outcomes in the future as well as what's important to you in life. Prior to completing this form, we will be able to set up a time to chat more about your answers and to see if working together will be a good fit. If not, I will be able to hopefully steer you in the direction of something or someone who will be better suited in supporting you towards your future growth. In either case, we will be able to gain greater clarity and progress will be made. Look forward to chatting soon!!
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What would you say are your strengths? *
Where do you ideally see yourself in 2-3 years time? (be as descriptive as possible i,e where you're located? who you're surrounded by? how do you feel? what sounds do you hear? what are you doing? how does your income look like? what hobbies are you enjoying? what have you achieved? etc *
What are your main core values in life? *
What are 2-3 aspects of your life you’re most happy with? *
What are 2-3 areas of your health and lifestyle that you want to improve the most? Eg. fat loss, energy, performance, more time, less stress, more freedom etc *
Why do you want to improve to shift those 2-3 areas from the previous question?
How long have you felt that way? *
What have you currently tried in order to improve in those areas? *
What do you feel prevents you most from making those changes? *
How do you rate your health on a scale of 1-10? *
being terrible
couldn't be better
Why that rating? *
When you finally flourish in those areas, how will you feel? *
How do you rate your ability to communicate... *
Very flacky, communication is always broken
Very effective, my line communication is amazing
If you rated your communication below a 7. Are you willing to improve in that area? *
What is the best form of contact for us to organise our 30 min discovery call? *
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