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Thank you for your interest in supporting CareStarter! Your story is important, and your experience deserves to be heard. Please fill out the questions below and click Submit. Our goal with collecting these stories is to better understand the experience of families enrolled in EFMP, where common problems may occur, and other information to help us know how we can best work toward improving the experience.

CareStarter knows that the diverse stories of parents and families are a critical piece to knowing how to help. Each voice and story gives us the opportunity to know a little more about the world you live in, and that's what will make our solution work.
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When we talk about sharing a story, we refer to reports that we write, compiling information, social media, and other CareStarter-specific use. We do not sell your information to anyone.
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With this form, we want to hear your story on your terms. As we move forward, we may have very specific questions around the experience of families. Answering yes here does not mean you have to fill out future surveys. It just helps us know who may be willing to help us out in the future so we know who to contact.
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