Share a story with the GSA!
Help us advocate on your behalf! The GSA Executive Committee seeks to improve the graduate student experience both on campus and off campus. Below is a story form that we have constructed that will allow you to share your experience(s) at CMU in order to inform our advocacy efforts. This form can be about anything that you have experienced in your time here, including, but not limited to...

- Advisor/Advisee Issues
- Program Requirements
- Positive Experiences
- Departmental Best Practices
- Department Culture
- Discrimination
- TA or RA Experiences
- Visa Issues (e.g., CMU policy on STEM extension)
- Off campus housing/landlord issues

These stories will help us better understand what issues students are having on/off campus, figure out what things are going well, and what needs work. This story form allows you to voice your concerns to us in an anonymous setting.
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You DO NOT have to provide identifying or contact information with us.
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e.g., John Smith
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This information helps us with logistics, in particular if we have to work on an issue with OIE
Your Story
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The more detailed a story you can provide, the more useful the information will be to us.
What has been done previously to address your situation?
What do you think should be done to address this problem?
'I don't know' is a completely acceptable answer
Anonymity preference
As mentioned previously, we can use this information (if you prefer) to advocate for you and other graduate students' interests. If you don't want us to share your story, that is completely fine, we still want to hear your story to inform our advocacy efforts. If however you are OK with us sharing your story (anonymously or not), we will possibly use your story to advocate at the college, university, local government, state government, or federal government level.
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