Nevada Prostitution Lawsuit Inquiry
Survivors of sexual exploitation filed a lawsuit against Nevada seeking repeal of its prostitution laws. This lawsuit is based on constitutional grounds, as well as relief for all individuals sexually exploited and trafficked as a result of legal prostitution in Nevada.Nevada’s prostitution laws are in violations of federal statutes like the Mann Act and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which seek to prevent sexual exploitation and prosecute exploiters. The damage that Nevada’s organized system of sexual exploitation has perpetrated is beyond reckoning.

As Rebekah Charleston, the plaintiff in the lawsuit against Nevada, explains, “Every man who buys sex from a brothel has chosen to contract out the job of violence, intimidation, and coercion to a sex trafficker or brothel owner. Every elected official or citizen who supports or who has voted in support of legal prostitution, has chosen to allow the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and desperate to become prey of the greedy and powerful.”

We invite you to fill out the form below and join Rebekah and other survivors take a stand against Nevada state sanctioned trafficking and exploitation.

Specifics on the Lawsuit:
The lawsuit seeks an order declaring Nev. Rev. Stat. 201.354(1), Nev. Rev. Stat. 244.345(8), and the ordinances of Elko, Lander, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Storey, and White Pine Counties, licensing brothels unconstitutional, null, and void as preempted by federal law; and, a preliminary and permanent injunction be issued prohibiting the State of Nevada and all of its political subdivisions from continuing to implement, enforce, or put into force and effect Nev. Rev. Stat. 201.354(1) and Nev. Rev. Stat. 244.345(8). Additionally, the law suit also requests an order for the State to create and fund a “Nevada Sex Trade Exit Fund” to provide mental health services, rent assistance, job training, scholarships, and funding for medical treatments for women prostituted through Nevada’s legal brothels. The complaint specifically argues, “The State’s creation of an intrastate commercialized prostitution market exerts a substantial economic effect, namely, the creation of an interstate and foreign prostitution market; therefore, Nevada’s legal brothels, operating under Nev. Rev. Stat. 201.354(1) and Nev. Rev. Stat. 244.345(8), are in violation of and direct conflict with U.S.C. 18 § 2422(a) (2018).”

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