Am I applying to the correct program? *
The SPEAR SYSTEM Personal Defense Readiness Trainer course is an instructor development program designed for individuals & organizations who wish to professionally affiliate with Blauer Tactical Systems and Tony Blauer. The course is open to self-defense trainers, martial artists, defensive tactics & combative instructors who also run private training, 'commercial' schools, gyms or local training companies and wish to gain certification in our methodology.
BEFORE YOU START READ CAREFULLY: The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single most important skill any person can possess. Therefore, teaching self-defense is very serious business. *
Our Mission, for over thirty years, has been to research, refine and share most realistic, relevant and responsible personal defense system in the world and to train, mentor and develop individuals and organizations so that they in turn become the best trainers and coaches of the most realistic, relevant and responsible personal defense system in the world. If you're ready to take on that responsibility and join our team then please fill out this application.
The SPEAR: Personal Defense program is a "professional" trainer's program. I am enrolling in this because I want to teach Tony Blauer's system professionally and ethically to my community. *
If I am accepted into the program, I agree to participate in all the drills and course requirements. I understand I will be evaluated throughout the course, not just on my physical performance, but my character, communication skills, group interaction, punctuality and overall professionalism. *
If at the end of the course my evaluators determine I am not ready to receive a certification, I will receive an attendance certificate and required to attend a follow-up PDR course within 12 months. There is no charge to attend the follow-up course provided it is done during within 12 months of the first course. *
I understand that because this is a professional trainer's course there is an affiliation fee associated. *
Details for affiliation and other guidelines are listed on a separate document titled: Affiliate Terms
The SPEAR: PDR program is a professional course designed to share our research and method with professionals who graduate our program so they can help us with our mission of helping to make the world safer. *
Aside from successfully graduating the program, it’s vital that all our trainers agree to respect, honor and protect our program by identifying it by brand and using our trade names on their website and in their courses where appropriate.
The SPEAR program enjoys a world-wide reputation within the law enforcement, military and government communities (training and security). Graduates from the basic SPEAR: PDR Trainer course cannot market SPEAR or PDR to these communities. If you are active LE or MIL and you're attending this course for re-certification, continuing education or professional development, you can teach within your agency and organization and integrate the drills and principles into your courses, but you cannot certify your students in the SPEAR system or charge money for the class. Attending at the special rate for active first responders certifies you to teach within your organization ONLY. No commercial application can be applied. If you are unclear or uncertain with this clause, DO NOT fill out the application. Contact us for a phone consultation.
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