Midwifery Book Project
The goal of this project is to help get the books needed for the Certified Professional Midwife certification into the hands of Black midwives.
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You will only need to submit the following information and you will be listed on the midwifery book project by city/state and by first name only. To qualify your wish list should:

1. Include only books you need from the NARM reading list. (See below)
2. Your address should be hidden, but it has to be in the list so it will populate. You must turn it on for the list to work. Amazon and third party people need access to it.
3. Please let us know if your list is completely purchased so we can remove you from the list by filling the form out again.
4. Your list may be removed at any time if it includes items not on the reading certification list.
5. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and share the project!
6. You can only be listed on one list at a time. (e.g. doula, childbirth educator, midwifery, etc.)
7. Please take the time to read over the FAQ below. When a wishlist doesn't conform, we have to send it back and it takes more time for you to be listed.

We've got a great FAQ with photos and the like, please be sure to check it out. https://doulabookproject.com/getting-listed/
The top reasons why lists aren't added: 1) No address for people to send books 2) Too many books, you are limited to 8 books total 3) Books that are not on your certification reading list 4) Failure to supply the information requested. *
Full Name (While we need your last name spelled out here, you will be listed by first name, last initial.) *
Do you identify as a Black student midwife? *
Are you working towards your CPM? *
You can submit a file that includes any of the books below.
Email Address *
City and State *
Amazon Wish List Link (Please be sure that you have attached your address or you will not be listed. Please TEST your link with someone else to ensure that it works. Broken links cannot be added. Advice here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Food_Bank/comments/3cgo81/meta_how_to_associate_a_shipping_address_with/) *
If your list is completed and all the books you need have been purchased, let us know so we can remove it.
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