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If you have questions or problems, send a mail to help@valaistuneet.fi.
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Choose the region where you primarily play.This info will be used to select which local community and discussion you are joined to. You can specify this more closely (eg. city) in the textbox below. After having joined, you can also request to join other local communities if need be.
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Log in to G+ and go to https://plus.google.com/me. This will take you to your profile. Copy the URL from your browser into the text box below.
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Besides the G+ - community, would you also want to join a local or national chat group?
All areas (and the national discussion group) use Telegram for discussions. If you don't already have Telegram, you can install it from your phone's application store or for your computer from https://telegram.org/

Write your Telegram username below so we can find you directly there. You can set your username during setup and refer to it later from the settings. The example image below highlights the right field. The username in this case is @AgentExample, not Emil or Example. Most use their agent name as their username as well and it's quite helpful in finding the right person to talk to.

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In addition to local discussion group, do you also want to join the aforementioned national group, with players from all Finland? This group uses Telegram.
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To verify that your info is correct, a moderator will contact you in the game, via Telegram or via Google+ and ask you if you wanted to join the community. This ensures no-one gets added by mistake. If there is some problem or your request doesn't seem to get processed, first check your Google+. Feel free to contact help@valaistuneet.fi if that didn't solve it.
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