ArtHaulPH Artist Directory Form
This form is for Philippine-based artists interested to be included in the ArtHaulPH Artist Directory.

ArtHaulPH is a virtual artist alley space that aims to showcase the artists' best work and current means of income, as well as encourage others to support the arts and keep it alive during this difficult time.

You can view the directory at to get a preview of what to expect!


1) Directory is only for PHILIPPINE-BASED ARTISTS

2) If you have an online store, patreon, open commissions, etc., you are welcome to fill in this form and be added to the directory at

3) Directory listings are listed individually per artist, those in the same circle will be grouped together. You may also opt to share one listing with other artists, it is up to you!

4) Your entry will be screened for verification; featured artworks/crafts should be made by the artist. NO selling and/or reselling licensed merchandise or bootlegged/counterfeit goods
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