COCA Retreat Survey
Planning for the proposed 2016 COCA Retreat
Each June, the members of COCA (and special guests) have taken extended time to meet together for: Networking & Sharing, Discussions, Demonstrations, Hands-on Learning and socializing. Within our roles, it is not often that we are able to connect with other educators from other Boards who are in roles similar to our own.

This survey is to explore the possibilities of holding this retreat once again in June 2016. To make it happen, we need your input and we need your help.

Please complete this survey and feel free to pass it on to others who you think may be interested.

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Board / Organization
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Would you be interested in attending the 2016 COCA Retreat if one was held?
We would minimize the costs of this event by asking attendees to cover their personal costs. As much as possible, the surplus from last year would be used to cover Retreat expenses.
Date and Format
Which format would you favour?
If yes, which of the following options would you be available for?
If we go with a 2 day option, the date listed would be the first of the 2 dates. If not, this would be the date of the full day.
Retreat Program
What are some ideas of things that you would like to do if you attended the COCA Retreat?
Check all that you would be interested in
What issues are foremost in the minds of Ontario Educators?
Please check all that you feel strongly about.
Please provide more detail on your selection(s) below.
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COCA Retreat - Location
Where would you be willing to travel to so that you could attend (even if just attending one day of the Retreat)?
Which of the following would you prefer for the location:
Planning the Retreat
Retreats like the ones that we have had in the past do not happen on their own. Planning requires the time and energy of a group of people working in advance to plan and prepare.
Would you be willing to be a member of the team who plan the 2016 COCA Retreat?
Would you be willing to lead (or co-lead) the Planning Committee?
Any Additional Comments?
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