Fillmore SWCD Future Services Survey

In an effort to increase the services that Fillmore SWCD offers, we are asking residents of Fillmore County and those located within the Root River 1 Watershed 1 Plan service area to take the following survey (estimated length is 5 minutes).

 In this survey, we are also gathering a list of residents who are dealing with invasive species, such as buckthorn. This will aide us when applying to grant funding opportunities that may assist our residents in removing these problem species.

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Do you live in Fillmore County?
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Do you live within the Root River 1 Watershed 1 Plan service area? (includes portions of Mower, Dodge, Olmsted, Fillmore, Houston, and Winona counties). See this link for map (figure ES-1, page 19).  
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 What soil and water practices are you dealing with that you need assistance on?  
Are you having issues with invasive plants species such as Buckthorn or Knotweed?  Please state what you are dealing with.
Would you like to add your name to an invasive species sign-up sheet to be contacted when/if funding arises for plant removal? If yes, please include your name, email, and phone number below.
Do you have land that is in perennial or permanent vegetation? (examples include conservation easements, RIM, CRP, native seedings, pollinator habitat, etc.)? If yes, are you looking for help with maintenance? What maintenance practices are you looking for assistance with?
Are there any other natural resource issues that you need assistance with? Please let us know here.
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