Bristol Walk Fest 2019 - Event Submission Form
Please use this form to notify us of a walk or event that you would like to be included in Bristol Walk Fest 2019.

If you would like to submit a different walk or event, please repeat the process on a new form.

If you need to change the details about your walk or event, you can edit this form after you’ve submitted it.

It will take roughly 10 minutes to complete, if you have all the information to hand.

Before you complete this form please take a few minutes to read the guidance note for walk/event organisers which can be found on our website at

We’ve three simple criteria for events - it's legal (organisers must take responsibility for all relevant insurances, licences and health and safety requirements), it's in Bristol (all events must take place in and around Bristol during the festival month from 1 to 31 May 2019) and it's walk related (not centred around fundraising, open to the public and preferably free).

Events can be walks, tours, workshops, talks, family events, taster sessions or just about anything else featuring walking in some form. They can be around the themes of arts, education, food, sport, history, architecture, wildlife and nature, or anything else a walk could cover.

The deadline for walks/events to be included in this year's festival programme is Friday, 1 March 2019, 5pm.

This year the festival is being coordinated by Active Ageing Bristol, a collaboration between Bristol Sport Foundation, The Anchor Society and St Monica Trust. Working in partnership with Age UK Bristol with funding from Active Ageing Bristol and the Travelwest Fund.

You will receive a copy of your submission to the email address you submit below.

For further information, or to amend the way your data is held, please contact us at

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About you
All answers in the 'About you' section will remain private - your details will be shared with the Bristol Walk Fest Team (Active Ageing Bristol and Age UK Bristol) who will only use them to contact you about your walk or event and to keep you informed about what's happening. We'll also add you to our organisers contact list, so you have all the relevant information as it comes through.
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About your walk or event
All walks or events that are submitted, and are legal, walk related and in Bristol will be included on our online event calendar and print programme (subject to number of submissions).
Name of walk/event (no more than 5/6 words e.g. 'Brunel Harbourside Walk') *
The title is key in generating interest, please try and be specific - the shorter the better.
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Walk/event short description (No more than 30 words) *
Text for inclusion in the print programme.
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Walk/event long description (No more than 65 words) *
Text for inclusion on the online event calendar. We need something informative and engaging – e.g. 'Discover Brunel’s influence on Bristol docks in this accessible harbourside walk. Starting and ending at Brunel’s SS Great Britain, you will hear about some of Brunel’s many projects in Bristol and get to know a little more about the engineering icon himself.' Please note that any description you submit may be edited, to keep consistency.
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Date of walk/event *
Please list the month before the day and year.
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Recurring walk/event information
If you want this walk/event to be repeated during the festival, let us know here (e.g. every Tuesday at 12pm-1pm)
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Start location (e.g. street name or landmark) / venue name (e.g. address) *
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Full postcode of start location/venue or latitude and longitude coordinates *
If postcode unknown, please use Google Maps Help ( to find the latitude and longitude coordinates for a specific location so we can plot the exact location on Google Maps (this information is important to show geographical spread of walks and events).
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Finish location (if different from start)
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Bus stop near the start location (please give bus number(s) if applicable)
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Is there a charge? *
Any financial transactions e.g. charges/donations for walks or events will be the responsibility of the organiser. Our aim is to offer most walks or events for FREE, but we understand some may require a fee or donation to cover costs. If you are proposing a walk or event which has a cost, please consider offering concessions or a Bristol Walk Fest 2019 discount.
Cost per person
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Booking/enquiries details
These details will appear in our printed programme and online events calendar, and be made public so that people who are interested in joining or finding out more about a walk or event can get in touch. Organisers are responsible for managing enquiries and for taking their own bookings and/or payment if required.
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Event/booking URL details *
Website, Eventbrite or blog address that we can link to on our online or print promotion of the walk or event.
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Further information
If the following information is not applicable to your event, please answer using N/A. Again, this information will be made public.
How long is your walk (miles only)? *
For example, please write as under 3 miles, 1 mile, 2.5 miles etc.
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Duration of walk (hours/minutes) *
For example, please write as 2hrs 30mins, 1hr etc.
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Marketing your walk/event
Photograph *
You will have the option to submit an image to accompany your walk or event listing on our online interactive events calendar. If you're interested in this opportunity, please advise below.
Your organisation's social media details: Facebook and Twitter (e.g. URL, handle or hash tag):
We will use these to tag you in any social media posts about your walk or event.
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Supporting information
Please provide your public liability insurance provider: *
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Other relevant information
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Terms and conditions
In submitting details of this walk or event, I confirm that:
1. Public liability insurance (minimum cover of £5m), licences and health and safety arrangements (including risk assessments) will be made where appropriate.
2. Appropriate safeguarding measures will be in place. Under 16s will be accompanied by an adult.
3. The details of the walk or event are correct.
4. Walk or event planning and arrangements are sufficiently developed for publication.
5. I'm authorised to advertise this walk or event.

I accept that:
6. Age UK Bristol is not financially supporting any costs associated with the delivery of the walk or event;
7. Age UK Bristol reserves the right not to include walks or events that are deemed inappropriate;
8. Age UK Bristol reserves the right to withdraw a walk or event from the festival;
9. Age UK Bristol accepts no liability (either financial or otherwise) for a walk or event being withdrawn from the festival;
10. Neither the Bristol Walk Fest website nor Age UK Bristol accepts responsibility for errors in the published walk or event details;
11. Age UK Bristol accepts no liability whatsoever for acts or omissions on the part of the organisation/walk deliverers nor does it accept any liability arising out of the walk or event;
12. Information will be displayed on the internet and can be viewed by the general public;
13. By submitting a walk or event, I am also agreeing to Age UK Bristol using the details provided for Bristol Walk Fest 2019 marketing purposes;
14. The named contact will be responsible for handling any requests for additional walk or event information.

I agree to:
15. Notify the Bristol Walk Fest Team immediately of any changes to or cancellation of the walk or event by emailing:
16. Use the Bristol Walk Fest 2019 logo on all walk or event publicity and to actively communicate Bristol Walk Fest to my networks.
17. Actively participate in evaluation. This will include handing out surveys to all participants on my walk/event; to complete an online organiser survey and to submit participation numbers via email.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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