Student Feedback for Proposals in the Bill to Improve Community Well-Being
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Would you support giving custodian staff two free meals a day at student dining halls? (they currently can only go once a week with a student invitation) *
I do not agree
I totally agree
What are your suggestions to increase wellness at Middlebury (big or small)
Would you want the the college to create new relaxation/reading spaces in Bihall and Davis? This space would include pillows, comfortable mats, bean bag chairs, and mattress flooring. *
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If you wanted a relaxation space at a different place, please suggest where would you want that to be?
Do you think it will be easier to take naps and for your well-being if "travel pillows" were rented out at the Armstrong and Davis libraries?
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Would you want the dining halls to offer more fruit and nut offerings during the academic year at Ross and Proctor Dining Halls like they do at Atwater? *
Would you rather see the 300k saved by dining services this year to go to diversifying healthy food options in the dining halls?
Would you like a stir fry station at the dining hall?
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On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the diversity of food options at the dining halls?
Not Happy
Very Happy
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If you would want the dining halls to diversify the food, what kind of cuisines should they add to their menu?
What do you think of the idea of installing a couple of "Fit-Desk" bikes in Bihall and Davis so people can have option for some moderate aerobic exercise while studying?
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Not necessary
Really like it
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