Essential Staff Work Day Checklist
Quakertown Community School District wants all employees to Stay Calm, Stay Home, and Stay Safe, recognizing that some essential functions still need to be performed. The health and safety of our employees is important to us, so the following protocols are mandatory and effective immediately.

1. Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (facial covering) and

2. Adhere to strict social distancing guidelines requiring individuals to maintain a minimum
separation of six feet from each other. This includes contact with members of the public who may be dropping off or picking up food or computers or other items. Your supervisor will advise you of strategies to transfer laptops/food or other items using remote methods that do not
violate this protocol.

3. You must wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to and immediately after leaving the work

These mandatory District protocols will be in place until further notice.

In addition, essential personnel must adhere to the following:

• You may enter the building for which you have been granted access only for the hours as
scheduled or directed by your supervisor. You may not access the building at any other time.

• ALL access into the building will occur through a single entrance, as specified by your

• No personal items (other than those required to do your work) may be brought into the building. Please limit the number of business belongings you are bringing into the building to those strictly needed to do your work on that day.

• Prior to entering your building, you will complete a sign in sheet and answer the questions below.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you (or your staff) will be denied entry into the building and must call your school certified nurse:

Please ask them to text for any questions if outside work hours and during work day to call work number

High School, TAQ, and DSC - Melissa Kelly, RN CSN; Cell 215-873-6861. Work 215-529-2075
Strayer and 6GC - Christina Kwiatkowski, RN, CSN; Cell 484-620-0564, Work 215-529-2300
QE, NES, RES - Michelle Molyneaux, RN, CSN; Cell 267-625-6145, Work 215-529-2417
TES, PES - Bridget Oppenheim, RN, CSN; Cell 484-767-5351, Work 215-529-2559

This is out of an abundance of caution to prevent the spread of germs. If you know the answer to any of these questions will be yes, STAY HOME and call the school certified nurse and your supervisor.

The main goal is to limit the number of people entering the building and to limit their contact with other people. If you have ANY level of emergency while in the building, do not hesitate to call 911.

While you are in the building, please keep track of any common area touch points that you used. There will be sanitizing wipes and or spray bottles in the office/classes and we ask that you wipe down those areas that you utilized. Please contact facilities in the event you are unable to wipe down common work areas. A more thorough sanitizing will be completed by custodial services on a weekly basis.

Please contact Osheanna Lonergan, Benefits Manager ( for additional information if you have been required by a physician to isolate/quarantine as a result of being exposed to COVID-19 or if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

Again, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or if you are feeling unwell in general, stay home and do not report to work.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following these mandatory guidelines. These protocols are in place to ensure your safety to the best of our ability.

Do you have a mask? *
Do you have any of the following symptoms? If so, please contact your school's Certified Nurse listed above. *
Do you have any of the following symptoms? If so, please contact your school's Certified Nurse listed above. *
Have you been ill in the past 14 days with any of the following: shortness of breath, fever and chills, headache, runny nose, loss of smell, diarrhea, body aches, cough? *
Have you traveled outside the state of Pennsylvania within the past 2 weeks? (For more information on the travel order, please see the following link.) *
If you answered "Yes" to the out-of-state question, please explain below.
Have you been exposed to anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or anyone that has been exposed to another person with COVID-19, or anyone currently awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? *
Have you been tested for COVID-19 or awaiting the results of your test. (answer no if you have been tested and received a negative result). *
Which building will you be entering? *
If you are an outside contractor, what company do you work for? *
Please type your name below indicating you have read the terms outlined above and that you have answered the questions truthfully. Not answering truthfully compromises staff safety and may result in disciplinary action. *
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