Interested in Volunteering?
We're looking for people who would be interested in volunteering and teaching STEM classes.

We'll be matching each volunteer with a group of students, so please answer all questions honestly as we want to pair students with the volunteers that would teach them the best (you also get hours!). Please look at our complete website before answering these questions.
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What classes would you like to teach? (these are the main classes) - check all that you could teach *
What elective classes would you like to teach? There are only two elective classes in one month (and these are large classes that are pre-registered for) *
What classes do you take and what are subjects you are good at?
Would you like to teach classes with someone else for the most part or by yourself? *
Select all the times below that you would be able to teach
Please try to select times that you can commit to.
How many hours are you willing to teach per week? (1 - 4) *
We will get back to you on whether or not you can start volunteering and when.
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