YogaSlackers Teacher Training Pre-Reqs
We expect you to be able to do 100% of them... ok maybe 80%.
But, there are some exceptions...

Like doing a one armed handstand on the line. If you can do that, we will teach you the rest!

At the time of application if you are still struggling with any things, let us know. We can refer you to a YogaSlackers teacher to get you ready. Use this form to see where you are in your practice.

After you submit your form you will receive a message with your responses. Use this as a guideline on the things you need to work on.

Once you are ready, fill out your
Full Application:

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time at. We are here for you.

Email address *
Self Practice
Conditioning Exc
Need to Work On This
Push ups x10
Tripod Headstand Circles x5
Cartwheels (both directions)
Free Straight Inversions
without a spotter
Got it!
Need to Work On This
Headstand (10 sec)
Forearm balance (10 sec)
Handstand - 5 sec
Handstand on a wall (30 sec)
Slackline Yoga
Slackline Fundamentals
1 min each
Got it!
Need to Work On This
Slacker Stand
Two Knees
Arm Balance "Tuck Sit" (15 sec)
Shoulderstand (15 sec)
Basic Transitions
Got it!
Need to Work On This
Walk the entire length of an eLine, turn around and walk again. ('Full man/woman')
Kneeling Vinyasa (Switching Knees)
Sit to Stand (any variation)
Stand to Sit (any variation)
Basic turn
Static Poses
15 secs each
Got it!
Need to Work on This
Warrior I
Tree or Hand to Big Toe
Lying Down
Exposure Stand (Stand perpendicular to the line, gaze forwards)
AcroYoga + Duo Balance
Base and Fly
Got it!
Need to Work on This
Free Shoulderstand
Free Star
Shin to Foot
Foot to Shin
Foot to Hand
Tuck Sit
Star to Back fly to Star Transition
Base or Fly
Got it!
Need to Work on This
Basic Pop (Bird to Straddle Throne)
Reverse Star Monolimb
Hand to Hand (5 sec)
Bird to Star to Bird transition
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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