2021-2023 Application for Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Dancing Training (CTBMD), Somatic Dance Training with Dr. Martha Eddy
Welcome to the application form! The more detail you provide in your answers, the more Dr. Eddy and her team will be able to assess your readiness for the program. To find more information about the schedule, hours, and details about the tuition for the CTBMD program, please see: http://desmtt.movingoncenter.org/cert.html. The annual tuition payment is $1800 (this includes the $400 deposit). Tuition is discounted for those with prior studies or certification (Laban/Bartenieff, BMC, Dynamic Embodiment, Moving For Life etc). Completion of the program can take 6 months -2 years depending on prior experience and other commitments. The pre-requisite theory courses incur separate fees - they are not included in tuition since each member of the cohort has a different background in that work. There are numerous payment plan options for BMD Tuition. Please see http://desmtt.movingoncenter.org/cert.html for more details on payment. In order to start with the cohort in June, you are required to have completed 2 theory courses or have talked to the director of the program and received approval.

This certification program welcomes students from around the world. We accommodate all students' needs with accessible, online programming for those who are unable to attend classes or workshops in person.

We have rolling applications for the 2021-2022 year until August 1 with an early bird discount. Accepted students are encouraged to attend the mid/late August week-long DE Intensive. BMD Pedagogy opportunities will be offered for new students starting July/August 2021. Late applications are accepted until September 1 without the discount.

Learn more about the BMD Certification Process and Tuition Here:

Please feel free to email officeofmarthaeddy@gmail.com with any questions. You can also go to dynamicembodiment.org to find information on the DE-SMTT and CTBMD Programs.
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