Work through the following questions to formulate your geoinquiry question that you plan on researching
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Name (Last, First)
Species/Topic Selection: (Reminder – Selections need to be related to Biogeography and the distribution of life on the planet) *
Draft Inquiry Question: *
Justification: How does your research topic fall under the realm of biogeographic study? *
Hypothesis/Thesis Statement: What do you think you are going to learn/prove about the distribution of your particular species/groupings as a result of conducting this research? *
Data Methods: Where do you foresee being able to find data and information regarding your topic? Come up with 5 solid (reputable, accessible) sources
(Internet sources include url)
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Small Group Review: Share your draft with two different people in order to gain their feedback about your research question and justification. Record four pieces of positive (constructive) feedback and two pieces of constructive suggestions on what to change
Reflection: Does the research question meet the following criteria?
Potential for exploration and analysis beyond “yes” or “no”? *
Problem is stated clearly? *
Relevant to the understanding of past, present, or future trends of distribution? *
Is the question supported by a scientifically valid hypothesis? *
Final Geoinquiry Question: Write your revised inquiry question after edits *
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