WDFOA - Rules Quiz: Preseason (2019)
Question 1
First down and 10, A1 runs up the middle for a 5-yard gain. *
Question 2
Second down and 5, A1 throws an incomplete pass. *
Question 3
Third down and 5, A1 runs for a 10 yard gain and is tackled in bounds. *
Question 4
Second down and 4, A1 throws a completed pass to A88 for a 20 yard gain. A88 is tackled in bounds. However, A77 is flagged for holding during the play. *
Question 5
Team B takes a time-out. *
Question 6
Third down and 2, A1 runs up the middle for no gain and is injured. *
Question 7
The 40-second play clock is running and reads 25 before the ball is placed and is ready for play. *
Question 8
Team A gains 5 yards running the ball with six players on the line (numbered 50-79) and four players in the backfield (10 total offensive players on the field). *
Question 9
A1 runs up the middle and is tackled by B1 by tripping after gaining 4 yards. *
Question 10
Before the snap, it is determined that A1's knee pads are not properly worn. *
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