DC Abortion Fund Volunteer Survey
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with DC Abortion Fund! Please complete this short survey to help us better understand how you can support DCAF. Thank you for your interest and dedication to the movement!
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I want to be a case manager!
When not on the phone, I want to support patients by...
reaching out to patients after their procedures to assess what other services they might need.
researching practical support at other abortion funds.
looking into partnerships with local practical support organizations.
maintaining case management volunteer data (yay spreadsheets!!).
I can help DCAF outreach to...
young people (college campuses, high schools, community centers, etc.).
the Black community.
the Latinx community.
the LGBTQ community.
the faith community.
I want to support volunteer development by...
planning happy hours.
mentoring new volunteers.
managing the volunteer database.
leading sessions on self-care.
organizing healthy volunteer activities, such as walks, bike rides, etc.
leading volunteer trainings.
lending my office or meeting space to DCAF for volunteer use.
I want to advocate with DCAF by...
working on policy.
I want to help DCAF's financial team with my...
Quickbooks experience (accounts receivable).
990 tax form experience.
I want to help DCAF's development team by...
researching foundations.
writing grant proposals.
hosting house parties or other events to raise money.
I want to help communicate how awesome DCAF is by...
blogging about it.
designing graphics.
photographing events.
translating communications materials into another language.
becoming a social media ambassador.
If you said you want to help translate communication materials, what languages could you translate them to?
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I want to help keep DCAF's data in good shape by...
being a project manager.
helping analyze data with my Excel skills.
doing data entry.
cleaning up data.
using my experience with data management to lead a team of people doing data entry/cleanup.
helping out with my command line Linux knowledge.
I can also...
help with one-time volunteer needs, like staffing events or stuffing envelopes.
research insurance companies that can insure DCAF.
This all sounds great but I also want to help by....
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