Eta Zeta Classroom Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in the Eta Zeta Chapter Early Career Educator Grant.
We are excited to partner with you and offer an opportunity to enhance your classroom environment.

To be eligible for a grant the following criteria must be met:
1. The project must promote and support special projects related to learning and literacy within the classroom setting.

2. Non-member: Individuals must submit the application by November 1 during the first two years they are teaching. Applicants may apply for two years. Member: one grant is given every five years.

3. Grant funds will only be awarded for learning and literacy materials.

4. Grants may be funded up to $200.00.

5. Grants will only fund direct expenditures and will not reimburse for money previously spent funds.

Grants will be evaluated using the following:
1. Follows grant guidelines
2. Focus on literacy/learning
3. Budget included

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Application Deadline: Nov. 1
NOTE: No applications will be accepted after midnight of above date.
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We wish you success in your endeavor to enhance learning and literacy in California. Contact via email: Sue DeLong, Co-President Eta Zeta Chapter, suempell@gmail.comJoan Ishida, Co-President Eta Zeta Chapter, Lisa Jipson, Co-President Eta Zeta Chapter,
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