2018 Mt. Vernon Mountaineer Marching Fest. EARLY BIRD PRICING: (250.00 per band for all fees received by August 15th) (275.00 for all fees received after August 15th. (Postmarked) Please Sign up ASAP, this festival needs 12 bands (preferably 15-20 to occur.) (New Date is September 29th)
General Information
• MVMMF is to be an educational, informative and primarily evaluative festival. The primary goal is for you and your students to receive quality comments and less about competition.
EARLY BIRD PRICING: (250.00 per band for all fees received by September 1st) (275.00 for all fees received after September 1st. (Postmarked)
• This is an event for field shows, however, the Apple Butter Makin’ Days Parade is October 13th. Please feel free to join that!
• Invoices will be out by Wed. 8-01-18. All invoices must be paid before step-off.
• This event is (Will be) MSHSAA sanctioned and all schools will be classified by school size according to MSHSAA Official School Enrollment Information.
o Class 5- 1251 and higher
o Class 4 – 604-1250
o Class 3 – 292-603
o Class 2 – 133-291
o Class 1 – 1-132
• Judges are experienced high school and college/university directors.
• Food and drink will be available to directors in the hospitality room.
• There will be a concession stand open with a variety of items available at Mt’neer Stadium. This is a major portion of our income for this event and will help offset judging and award costs. Additional restaurants, if needed, are located on the business loop. (Please help us get this established with a solid income from concessions.)
IMPORTANT: We can provide a pre-order meal for your band.
• Parking for buses will be assigned... A parking map will come out at a later time.
• Bands will receive a recording with comments from all judges in all events and written scoring.

Admission Fees
• We will charge a seven-dollar admission fee to the field competition for each attendee. Passes for band directors, drivers, administrators and your spouse will be in a check-in packet in our front gate.
• Trophies will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division. (Where applicable.)
• Rating trophies will be presented to all participating bands.
• Caption trophies will be awarded for Drum Major, Percussion, Auxiliary, Music, G.E.
• Each band has a twenty minute slot in which to set up all props, enter the field, perform and exit the field.
• We have a warm-up area to do a light playing warm up. There will be no markings on that field for marching.
• To protect our turf and track, school officials require us to do all the towing of equipment onto the field. If your band has a trailer for percussion equipment, etc., you will need to pull it to the staging area. We will hook our gators up to it and pull the trailer from there. After your performance we will return the trailer to the west parking lot.
• If you have special needs concerning towing, please let me know ASAP in order to work out the kinks.
• We will have our sound system available on the field with multiple options for sound (barring rain) as well as an extension cord and a power strip.
• We will have Music Performance, General Effect, Visual performance (marching, movement) Auxiliary and Percussion captions.
• Following your performance you will receive a clinic with video for you and your staff as well as your band if so desired.

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Class Based on 9-12 School Enrollment: Class 5- 1251 and higher Class 4 604-1250 Class 3: 292-603 Class 2:133-291 Class 1: 1-132 *
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