CFA Fall Program 2019
Childlike Faith Academy of Music and Theatre (CFA) is excited to host our Fall Training Programs. These programs consist of training in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting, and preparing our students for our 6th anniversary children’s musical on June 28, 2020. Please kindly note that there will be an audition required for all new members for all musical training programs.
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Will you be bringing a new friend or a sibling? *
(A "new friend" refers to anyone who has never participated in any CFA classes before. If you are bringing a new friend or a sibling, please select "yes" if you understand the policy that your friend/sibling will require to pay full price unless they refer another new friend/sibling and so forth. Please ensure your friend submits their own registration form.)
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(for AMATEUR/INTENSIVE MUSICAL Training Programs, must select CHORAL Program as well)
* accepting cash, cheque, or credit card (+3% processing fee if pay by credit card)
* NO refund for students missing classes or being absent
* refund can be made before the 3rd class for PER STALL and PER TERM payments only
(minus $25 admin fee and minus classes taken)
* bring a New Friend or a Sibling and Receive 20% off that entire Term
  (a "new friend" refers to anyone who has never participated in any CFA classes before)


Shell and Bridgeport area, Richmond

If you have questions about the above, please contact Elizabeth at 604-808-0680 or

For more information, please visit our website at
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We look forward working with your child this Fall! :)
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