Grade 8 1:1 Acceptable Use Policy 2018-19
Acceptable Use Policy for Regis 1:1 (8th Grade AUP)
This iPad Acceptable Use Policy is intended to promote responsible use and protect students and the school from liability from any misuse of the school issued iPad. Technology, on or off campus, must be used in accordance with the mission and philosophy of Regis Middle School. Teachers may set additional requirements and expectations for use and supervision in their respective class.

The iPad remains the property of Regis Middle School at all times. Therefore, there is no assumption of privacy. Regis Middle School reserves the right to inspect student iPads and school used online accounts at any time during the school year. Misuse of the iPad will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, as stated in the following policy and Regis Middle School Parent/Student Handbook.

Above all, the iPad program at Regis is an academic program, and the policies of governing the use of the iPad support its academic use. To maintain the integrity of the iPad program, all students and parent/guardians must acknowledge and agree to the following conditions of use:
I. iPad Use, Distribution and Care
a. The iPads issued to students are the property of Regis Middle School and are mad available as learning tools.
b. Students in 8th grade will be issued iPads at the beginning of the school year. The iPads are to be returned at the end of each academic year for updates and routine maintenance (or on the last day of attendance).
c. Students are responsible for bringing their iPads to class each day. Students must have a fully charged iPad to be academically compliant.
d. Students are responsible for knowing how to properly operate and protect the iPad. This includes not leaving the iPad in a location where it can be damaged by cold, heat, or moisture and cleaning the screen with a soft, dry, and anti-static cloth.
e. Students/parents are responsible for the care and security of student iPads. iPads must never be left in an unlocked car or any other unsupervised area. iPads must go home each night to be charged. Failure to charge the iPad may result in losing the “take home” privilege of the iPad.
f. If the iPad is damaged or malfunctions, students must take the iPad to the Technology Coordinator or a Teacher as soon as possible for evaluation. If a student damages the iPad (outside of reasonable wear and tear), the student/parent is responsible for the deductible cost (or cost of repair if less than their own insurance deductible).
g. If the iPad is lost or stolen, the student must report the incident to the Technology Coordinator or a Teacher as soon as possible. In the case of theft, the student must also file a police report. Depending upon the location, the students/parents may be responsible for the deductible cost to replace the iPad.
h. Students/parents are not permitted to repair, alter, modify, or replace iPads without express authorization from Regis Middle School. Under no circumstances will Regis replace or repair a student iPad without the required insurance payments from the student/parent.
i. iPads and iPad cases must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels. With the exception of the name tag and asset tag.
II. General Expectations
a. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to this iPad Acceptable Use Policy, as well as all regulations in the student handbook.
b. Students may not remove or circumvent the management system installed on each iPad. This includes removing restrictions or “jailbreaking” the device.
c. Students may only connect to the Internet via the wireless network provided by Regis while on campus.
d. Students are required to take the iPad home (unless privileges have been revoked). Students are expected to have their fully charged iPads at school daily.
e. Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.
f. iPads must always be within the protective cases.
g. Students may not remove nor alter the “asset tag” or name tag located on the iPad.
h. The “find my iPhone/iPad” function must be on at all times.
III. Apps, Files, Etc.
a. Students are expected to back up all educational work using online sources such as Google Docs, Schoology, and email. Regis does not take responsibility for any lost data.
b. In an effort to be good stewards to our environment, printers are available for limited student use as only directed by a teacher.
c. During the school day, earphones may be only worn when given permission by a classroom teacher or hallway supervisor.
d. Educational Apps will be provided by the school. The software/apps originally installed by Regis must remain on the iPad and be easily accessible at all times. The school may add software applications throughout the year.
e. Students are not permitted to add any Apps or unapproved files.
f. Music may be stored on the iPads for educational and project purposes, but it must contain appropriate ratings and adhere to the mission and philosophy of Regis Middle School.
g. The iPad camera and voice recorder may only be used when assigned by a teacher for educational purposes. When assigned, students may not distribute, publish, post, email, or share images and/or videos of Regis students, personnel, or campus beyond the scope of the assignment. Photos, videos, or voice recordings taken with the iPad for academic assignments must conform to the mission and philosophy of Regis Middle School.
IV. Prohibited Use
a. Exchanging iPads or using another student’s iPad.
b. Allowing other students to retain or remove the iPad from their presence.
c. Copying certain Internet materials or reproducing or transmitting materials without the permission of the author or other right-holder.
d. Plagiarizing academic materials. It is the student’s responsibility to respect and adhere to all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual rights.
e. Using the iPad for any action that violates existing school rules or public law.
f. Creating, accessing or distributing offensive, profane, bullying/threatening, pornographic, obscene, rumors/gossip, sexually explicit or other content not aligned with the school’s mission or philosophy.
g. Use of chat rooms, messaging services or social media not authorized by the teacher for academic use.
h. Accessing sites selling term papers, book reports, and other forms of student work.
i. Spamming: sending mass or inappropriate emails.
j. Gaining access to other students’ accounts, files and/or data.
k. Bypassing the Regis web filter through a web proxy.
l. Sharing passwords, addresses, or other personal information without the authorization of a parent or school representative.
m. Using or possessing hacking software.
n. Syncing device to any computer, unless directed by a Regis staff member.
V. Precautions
a. In consideration for receiving the iPad from Regis Middle School, each student and his or her parent or legal guardian agrees not to sue and hereby releases, waives, discharges, holds harmless, indemnifies, and defends Regis Middle School, as well as their respective employees, personnel, staff, volunteers, affiliates and representatives, from any and all liability, losses, damages, claims, actions, and causes of action of every nature for any and all known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily or personal injuries, property damage, or other loss, whether claimed by the student, parent, legal representative, or any third party, relating in any way to the use of the iPad furnished by Regis Middle School to the student.
b. This iPad Acceptable Use Policy applies to Regis Middle School students at all times, whether or not the students are on campus. Regis students are school representatives at all times.
c. This iPad Acceptable Use Policy will be reviewed periodically.
d. The school administrator and school staff will enforce this iPad Acceptable Use Policy in concert with the Regis Student/Parent Handbook Discipline Code.

Acceptable Use Policy Violations
Any violation of the Acceptable Use Policy will be documented as a behavior referral. Each violation may have varying levels of severity, and therein, responses.
The most common “minor” AUP violations are as follows:
• Forgetting to bring the iPad to school
• Uncharged iPad
• Off task/misuse of apps/camera use without permission/use of games without permission
• Mishandling of iPad
• Possession of another student’s iPad/login/user info
• Use of headphones/audio without teacher permission
• Inappropriate searches (severity of violation will vary depending upon search words and search frequency)
For incidents such as the above, the following procedures will be followed:
• Three violations per quarter will result in loss of “take home privileges” for one week
• Six violations per quarter will result in a Saturday School and loss of take home privileges for the remainder of the quarter
• Any student who reaches nine cumulative AUP Violations in one school year will be placed on a behavior contract for the remainder of the school year with further consequences outlined
In some cases of AUP Violations, other school rules may also be in violation. For example, a student who uses Regis technology for the purposes of bullying behavior is also subject to not only technology violations but also is subject to the consequences of disciplinary action related to the bullying behavior. The above violations outlined demonstrate the minimum consequences for AUP violations. Some violations may be more severe and the consequences for such behavior will be in accordance with the actions. Technology is an ever changing world, and the items listed above are not exclusive. With changes in technology will come changes in appropriate behavior and Regis students are expected to act appropriately at all times.

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