Ensembles/Bands/Groups signing Occupy Musicians
Thank you for your support of Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movements across the globe.

If you agree with the statement:

"We, the undersigned musicians and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement around the world" and you are a working musician, please send us your information and we will add you to our list.

Please fill out some part of this form and we will add you. The minimum we need is Ensemble name + email address for a contact within the group or a manager.

The maximum we will make public is

Ensemble name
Players (instruments, other projects)

We will not share any information about your desire to participate in Occupy without contacting you first.

Please discuss this decision to join Occupy Musicians with your ensemble before you fill out this form. If you an individual Occupy supporter within an ensemble who has one or more members who do not fully support the Occupy movement, please sign up as an individual. If you are a manager/publicist, please only sign up artists who have given explicit permission to be added. Without email contact we cannot confirm identities and will not add a name.

Any other information you wish to provide will greatly appreciated but is not required.

Thanks a million. Welcome to Occupy Musicians, let's get loud.

All the best,
The Occupy Musicians crew

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Do you want the ensemble members' names listed on the site?
Thanks! Everything below this question is about further engagement with Occupy. You do not have to fill anything below out, but if you want to, please do.
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Would you be willing to play your local Occupy location, an Occupy related event, or while on tour?
Would you be willing to play an Occupy benefit?
Would you be willing to be interviewed for your thoughts about the Occupy movement as a musician and concerned person?
Who is your media contact person (publicist, manager, band member responsible for press)?
Please include name + email
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If you have any Occupy-related music, music video, scores, tab, lyrics or text-based statements, please let us know! We would like to embed links to media and host statements about your support for Occupy.
We prefer to embed audio/video rather than host it and will host original and "liberated" statements (see Cheetah Chrome's Occupy Musicians statement for a great example, http://www.occupymusicians.com/2011/12/06/by-cheetah-chrome/)
Are you interested in creating collaborative work or sharing/licensing work to other Occupy media artists?
For example: music or sound design for Occupy videos/films, websites, producing another artist, etc.
Do you have other music-related services that members of your ensemble could share with Occupy?
Do you members of your ensemble have material resources they can share with Occupy?
Please elaborate on anything that needs explaining from above.
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Thanks for filling this out! If you have more to share or specific media for us to embed, send it to occupymusicians at gmail dot com.
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