Eco-Anxiety and the Pandemic
A free 9-week course via Zoom
Mondays August 3, 2020 to October 5, 2020
5:30pm - 6:30pm ET

Worrying about climate change and the pandemic can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to help reduce this anxiety and climate breakdown at the same time. Join us for all or part of the 9-week series of classes to:

• Consider the relationship between the pandemic and the eco-crisis
• Learn about the interconnected effect of these crises on mental and physical health
• Explore the impacts of the eco-crisis on New England
• Validate eco-anxiety as a sane, healthy response
• Discover how to make friends with uncertainty
• Experience a sense of kinship with the natural world as practiced by Native Americans and Zen meditators
• Find ways to engage in our diverse communities during these challenging, unpredictable times, centering on dignity as a guiding principle
• Ultimately, find joy in measuring up to the great trumpet call of our time, responding to the pandemic and the eco-crisis with newfound resiliency and creativity.

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